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The Forest Kids Way.
At Nanaimo Forest Kids our practice is guided by a few special words; Wander, Wonder, Grow. We strive to create an environment where children can nurture a love of learning, believe in their own abilities and discover the awe and wonder of nature. 

Belief #1

A Child's Natural Habitat is in Nature

​We believe that children benefit from building a relationship with nature. We help foster this relationship by giving children time and space in the forest to wander, wonder and grow. We feel nature provides the optimal environment for early childhood development and the outdoor classroom provides an abundance of learning experiences, gross and fine motor challenges, open-ended materials and opportunities for imaginative play. In addition, children who spend time in nature develop a deeper sense of wonder and respect for the environment.

Belief #2

Let the Children's Curiosity Lead


At Nanaimo Forest Kids we, as teachers, let the childrens' love of learning lead in our enquiries and adventures. We help the children to pursue their individual interests, investigate the things they find and reflect on the day's adventures. In this way they are able to expand on their experiences, knowledge and wisdom. 

Belief #3

Play is the Work of Children- Piaget


At Nanimo Forest Kids children engage in many different types of unstructured, self directed play, that is guided but not dictated by an educator.

The possibilities are endless but some of the activities we enjoy at Forest Kids are: shelter building, nature crafts, tracking, knots and rope skills, imaginative play, leaf and flower crafts, scavenger hunts and other games, running, jumping, splashing, climbing , rolling...

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."- Albert Einstein
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