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Linley Valley: Nanaimo's Best Kept Secret

If you haven't explored Linley Valley, then let us introduce you to one of our favourite places.

Nestled between Departure and Hammond Bay is a magical place with mysterious woodlands, meandering creeks, sunny meadows and picturesque Cottle Lake, teaming with wildlife. Consisting of almost 800 acres, stepping off the beaten track in Linley Valley is easy and you are soon away from the sites and sounds of the city. Stop for a moment and you might see some of the many animals that call the park home, such as deer, beavers, bald eagles, owls and rare songbirds. If you are really lucky you might see a cutthroat trout jump in the lake or find a salamander in a creek, the adventures are endless.

Nanaimo Forest Kids is lucky to have Linley Valley as out afternoon home and very excited to share it with the children and families of Nanaimo.

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